My 2014 Review

I’m not into New years eve thing so instead of recapping last nights outfits,fireworks and drinks and ways have to survive hangover I decide to do a quick review about my last year.I’m going to focus on highlights and all the bad thing I’m going to leave behind .

So here we go…

My biggest achievement of 2014: First of all moving from Croatia to London was the biggest step I’ve ever made. Leaving is hard and beginning in foreign country is scary especially when you have to leave all your friends and family behind but i menage to do it and this month it will be one year since I moved in.And feeling is great.It’s completely different world but I feel like I belong here. Second achievement is starting this blog.I was planning for a long time to start something and then life in London just pushed me into this

image4 10853592_10152654868418971_510222586_o

Favourite movie of 2014: Gone Girl,definitely. Before movie was out I’ve read the book.And book was so good that I had to buy all the other books from that writer. Even though I knew what’s going to happen in the movie I just needed to see it. Usually book is always better than movie.But this time they got it right.Everything was exactly the same


Favourite book of 2014: This will be hard to choose because I’m really big fan of reading and this year I discovered some new writers and some old writers but new for me…But I think book called In Fashion from Annemarie Iverson,former beauty and fashion news director of Harper’s Bazaarand editor in chief of Seventeen. She has really good advises from the inside,how to get noticed in fashion world

Favourite Style Icon of 2014: I was thinking about all those well-known and well dressed celebrities like Olivia Palermo or newbie Kendall Jenner but in my opinion last year was really good for Blake Lively.Her style was impeccable from the start and when she announced this October that she’s expecting her first child with Ryan Reynolds,she started to heating up streets and red carpet every time she showed up.From gorgeous gowns to leather leggings,she simply can’t be more stunning.And by the way she launch her own company Preserve

Blake-Lively-Vogue-19May14-PA_b_592x888 Blake-Lively-Vogue-15May14-rex_b_592x888blake-lively-vogue-6may14-pa_b_592x888Blake-Lively-Vogue-8May14-Rex_b_592x888Blake-Lively-Vogue-9Dec14-PA_b_592x888 blake-lively-ryan-reynolds-vogue-21oct14-rex_b_592x888 blake-lively-2-vogue-20oct14-getty_b_592x888 Blake-Liveley-Vogue-15Dec14-Rex-b_592x888

Favourite Designer of 2014: Here I can’t pick just one.Sorry I’m really bad in narrowing things down 🙂  So there is three designers Tommy Hilfiger,Diane von Furstenberg and Elie Saab

diane von furstenberg ss14 eliee tommy hilfiger ss14

Favourite Blogger of 2014: just because I realised I’ve spend more time reading her blog than all the others.Good new is  she’s going to publish a book soon 🙂


Favourite buy of 2014: Definitely my pink skirt from River Island


Favourite Trend of 2014: Pastels for winter! After years and years of waiting is finally here.Even on my nails!


Favourite advice in 2014: Never stop following your dreams.Simple as that.I met such a inspirational person and basically after that I started this blog


What I learned in 2014: I realised I CAN! Whole my life people where saying to me that I  can’t do something,I can’t have dreams,this is not fairy tail ,I can’t do what I love,I have to do something that will pay my bills,like boring job in office,and I will feel miserable at the end of day like other normal people.And the worst thing was: Stop dreaming about life in London,New York or Paris,how could you even  get there! Well I’m here! Doing what i want…almost.There are still some plans for future…But I proved to them and, the most important thing, to my self that I can.

 I hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve / Day and get to spend it with those you love. At the end of the day, that is really all that matters


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