Friday Favourites

Happy Friday everyone!

Finally my day off after couple crazy and busy weeks.So here are five of my favourite things I discovered…

1. Favourite escape

Pink Lake(Rebta) in Senegal 

It’s the most girly lake in Africa.Hello Kitty and Barbie would all love it here.But why is it pink?A high salt content from the nearby Atlantic Ocean and the reaction of bacteria with fresh water causes the vivid colour.The other cool thing about this magical lake: the salt allows you to float to the surface.without any effort


2.Favourite Coffee Place

Drink Shop and Do

Drink, Shop & Do is a cute vintage-style tea room in the King’s Cross area of London where you can have cocktails, coffee or tea (Drink), browse the teacups, jewellry and sweets in the shop or even buy the furniture and crockery in the cafe itself (Shop) and play retro board games (Do).



3.Favourite trend


In the las few days I was seeing lots of tartan everywhere and I really like it


4. Favourite Nail Polish

Barry M

This is the best discovery when it comes to nail-polishes. They are good quality,long lasting with wide range of colour.You can choose from glitter,sequins,silk,belly to matte…Decision was difficult but I chose these beauties…for now 🙂


5.Favourite Buy

Yes,I was visiting sales and end up buying things not on sale.As usual! So I can’t really choose one thing so here it is


Shirt H&M: Book “In Fashion” Amazon; Nail-polish Barry M Boots;

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