Friday favourites

Favourite cupcakes

In the heart of Soho I discovered such a lovely and yummy place-Crumbs&Doilies

They are making fresh cupcakes with natural ingredients,there’s no additives so their chocolate cupcakes are made from real chocolate,coffee ones from real coffee and banana ones from real banana…you can choose from a rotating menu of 50-60 flavours

They also have the best range and selection of sprinkles from dots and start to cow,pigs and snowflakes.They even making smiley cupcakes! And they have delivery 🙂

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Favourite Trend


I wasn’t really fan of any sort of hats since this year and beanies. This lovely hats take me back to my childhood. I was surprised from how many shapes and colours I can choose.I prefer red or burgundy one with pompom but if you are brave enough you can choose colourful beanies with writings,paroles,two pompoms,ears or like Chiara Ferragni with vail  🙂

0R2A70141-e1421341648187 chiara-ferragni-beanie-velt

Favourite Obsession

Currently I’m obsessed with candles and candle holders and I must say that’s expensive hobby to have. Prices in some cases are so high that you can buy the whole outfit in H&M from top to toe. Surprisingly I’ve found very good candles in Sainsbury’s.Supermarket it’s not usually a place where I would go and find stuff for home decor but this ones are good.Especially Wild Cotton scent in a jar for only £6

But when you want to buy beautiful and nice candles and candle holders only thing you need to do is visit Zara Home. Every single thing there is just amazing. Because I’m a fan of herbal scents I felt like I’m in heaven.they have big range of products in green herbs scent,from candles,air freshener,body lotion,soaps…


Favourite Outfit

I was already posting about over the knee boots so you know how much I like them.So this week when I was browsing through Bloglovin’  I saw this great combination paired with amazing boots. And I love it how she wears man’s jacket and still looks feminine


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