Men’s fashion 2015 – 7 tips every girl should know about dressing their boyfriend (Part 1)

Our guide to men's fashion will help you dress your boyfriend for any occasion.
Our guide to men’s fashion will help you dress your boyfriend for any occasion.

When it comes to men’s fashion there a thing that all men find really difficult to know if they have (but girls do):

A sense of style!

But having a sense of style isn’t just about knowing about men’s fashion or men’s clothing, it’s about what looks good on your boyfriend so he can look his best every day.

But how do you know what looks on your boyfriend and how he should dress:

Well, it’s a question we get asked on The Fashion Mannequin blog every week, so I thought I would write this guide on men’s fashion to help you help your boyfriend to look (and be) his best without any effort!

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If you ignore proper fitting, then he’ll always suffer from ‘bad fit syndrome’

See all of our easy tips on the perfect fitting to avoid ‘bad fit syndrome’

The secret of all good men’s fashion is all about the fitting.  Let’s be honest we’ve all laughed at the guy who wore ill-fitting men’s clothing at the bar, make sure that your man doesn’t fall foul of what I like to call ‘bad fit syndrome’.

You might be wondering, how do I avoid ‘bad fit syndrome’?:

Well you might be amazed to know, the first secret is ensuring your boyfriend is in shape!  Time is really tight these days to work out and eat well, but clothing always look better on a fit body and it’s easier to buy men’s clothes for a guy who is in shape.  Now before you think oh my god! We don’t mean that he needs to look like the model of a men’s fashion magazine, but you should make sure he eats properly, drinks plenty of water and regularly works out (you can even do it as a fun activity together in the evenings to spend time with each other), with a good body he’ll fill out his clothes and ensure that he always looks his best.  Besides, girls, admit it, we all love a man with a fit body 😉

But here’s the kicker:

Being in shape is one thing, the next secret to good fitting clothing is to make sure he measures up properly.  If you can, go to a proper tailor’s and get him measured professionally, it could be the difference between your boyfriend looking o.k., and looking great, you don’t want to be the girl who looks at her boyfriend in the morning and thinks ‘what are you wearing today?!?!’.  The fit will be vital when you finally chose to buy men’s clothing on the highstreet or online.

With so many different garments in men’s fashion we could write a post on fitting all on its own, but here are some simple men’s fashion tips to get your started.

Tip 1. On dress shirts make sure his collar touches his neck and the cuffs just touch his palms, the length shouldn’t be excessive but when tucked in shouldn’t be so short that it comes loose.

Tip 2: With coats make sure he knows what he’ll be wearing underneath and buy a size which isn’t loose but sticks to the shape of his body

Tip 3: When buying jeans, make sure that the cut is slim across the thigh and either straight or tapered from the knee down, make sure you buy him jeans which stick to his waist, if he prefers (or looks better) in a slimmer fit, get him to wear one size lower.

Tip 4: His shoes should always be comfortable, again the shoes shouldn’t be loose when wearing them and ultimately he should always be comfortable whilst walking.

But you may be wondering:

How can he afford to get professional measurements, won’t that cost us a fortune?  Well i’ll teach you all a simple trick which means that you can get measured by a professional without paying a penny.

Tip 5: Simply visit a high street retailer such as TM Lewin or Moss Bros and try and buy a suit.  Usually one of their helpful store staff members will be on hand with a tape measure and will be able to give you collar, leg, and waist measurements for free, and because they are professional suit retailers, you can be sure that you will get accurate measurements every single time.

So now you know his perfect measurements are, it’s time to look at what to wear:

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How to use brands and give him his own sense of style and avoid ‘brand clash’

With so many designer men’s clothing brands now available online and on the high street it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the amount of choice out there.

There is one thing to remember though when it comes to men’s fashion brands:

There are no rules!  That’s right, ultimately brands for men’s clothing is a matter of one’s taste, but you should try and keep to brands and outfits with similar styles and avoid mixing and matching to avoid ‘brand clash’.  Make sure you read a range of men’s fashion magazines like GQ, and Esquire to see what the latest men’s style trends are, these will show you what’s hot and what’s not.

So which men’s fashion brands would I recommend?:

Here are a few to get you thinking:

Jack Wills – Primarily a fashion clothing brand aimed at university students, Jack Wills is known for its ability to merge old and new styles and their very British designs across their clothing range.  It’s why it’s known as ‘Fabulously British’.

Jack wills is the 'fabulously British' men's clothing brand

Ted Baker – Quintessentially stylish with a range of fine detail and classic features, the Ted Baker clothing line is more for those who prefer a casual but formal look in their dressing.

Ted Baker is a formal men's fashion brand popular for more formal styles of men's clothing

American Apparel – Simple clothing pieces with a ‘made in the USA’ type feel, there is something for every man here with a series of simple, yet contemporary designs.

American Apparel is a real 'made in the USA' men's fashion brand

Franklin & Marshall – Sports wear meets casual in this mashup of a brand inspired by the USA.  Sweatshirts, T-Shirt, and Jogging Bottoms all marked with college logos or American Cities as the hallmark of this brand.

Franklin and Marshall is a mens fashion brand.  They make lots of sweatshirts, jogging bottoms and tshirts.

Levis – The iconic fashion brand known for the red tab.  Levis are known the world over for their famous jeans and denim wear.  Levis combines classic looks with modern touches to continue to be one of the best known fashion brands today.

Levi's is the iconic mens fashion brand for denim

Remember to look at those men’s fashion magazines too for more inspiration on men’s style and which clothing brands are hot.

Be sure to join The Fashion Mannequin Blog next week for part 2 of our Men’s fashion guide where we’ll talk about the perfect shoes, trousers and how to get your boyfriend to look his dapper best in a suit.  We’ll also share some of the best and cheapest ways you can buy all of the best men’s clothing online and on the high street.

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