Men’s Fashion 2015 – 7 tips every girl should know about dressing their boyfriend (part 2)

Converse are the best mens casual shoes
Part 2 of our guide to mens fashion is going to focus on shoes

Welcome back to The Fashion Mannequin Blog on Men’s Fashion from the perspective of all of you long suffering girlfriends, in this guide we are continuing to talk about all aspects of Men’s Fashion from ensuring that you boyfriend wears perfectly fitting men’s clothes to getting him looking his sexiest in a suit.

So what have we learned so far?:

If you read Part 1 of our guide to Men’s fashion we talked about how important it is to get the right fit on men’s clothing and we also talked about the importance of brands when it comes to dressing your boyfriend.  Now that we have covered off these really important points, we can start to focus on the best ways to get your boyfriend looking his best in any men’s style and look at what he should be wearing. But…

There is so much to cover, where are we going to start?…..

Every girl knows the secret to a man looking stylish is in a good foundation. So in today’s guide we are going to start at the bottom, looking at shoes, that’s right, dress shoes, formal shoes, sneakers, trainers, casual shoes and colours, and how to make sure they are comfortable.

Right now you might be thinking:

How can I afford everything that you will recommend?  Well I’ll also give you some men’s fashion buying tips so you can find a deal or two when shopping for these items and make some great savings.

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How to buy men’s shoes that will make you weak at the knees

You know how it is, you always see a well-dressed man on a night out only to look at his feet to discover that he’s wearing the most hideous pair of shoes you have ever seen in your entire life, you shake your head in horror.

But, you should know one thing:

It doesn’t have to be this way, look at our top tips in this section on men’s shoes which you can start to use right now to buy your next pair of shoes, and it applies to all shoe styles all the way from men’s casual shoes to men’s formal shoes.

However, first things first:

If you don’t get the fitting right, then you will never get a pair of comfortable men’s shoes. A guy can only look his best if he’s comfortable and confident in his stride, so he needs a pair of comfortable men’s shoes, and in order to do that you must must must get the fitting right.  We spoke about this a little in part 1 in our guide to men’s fashion.

Seeing as this is so important, I’m going to give you some amazing tricks on getting the right shoe fit that you can use right away.

Tip 1: Get help from a salesperson.  Sorry ladies, but if you want your partner to look his best, he needs professional help and if he wants a pair of comfortable shoes, that means he should get his feet measured properly.  It’s not difficult to do, simply pop into a shoe shop like Clarks and speak to the sales assistants, they will be happy to measure your feet properly.  If your boyfriend is a keen running enthusiast/sportsman, try going to a branch of Runners World and they’ll also be able to measure him up.

Tip 2: Measure both feet!  Men’s feet (like any other feet) aren’t the same size, so make sure to measure both feet for the most accurate measurement and try on both shoes!!  This will ensure that he always buys the most comfortable men’s shoes.

Tip 3: Comfortable shoes are in the heels, get him to use his index finger and slide it down between his heel and the heel of the shoe, if it can fit without having to force it, CONGRATULATIONS!  You are on the way to finding a comfortable pair of shoes.  If the finger doesn’t fit, then his shoes are too tight, and if it goes in too easily, then the shoes are too loose.

Tip 4: Wiggle wiggle wiggle.  His toes should be able to move around freely in his new shoes, and if he presses on the toe with his thumb, then he should be able to easily feel a space between his toe and the front of the shoe.  Using force to feel the gap?  Sorry, he needs another better fitting pair!

Tip 5: The most important tip is about the arches of his feet.  He can’t do much about these as he’s born with them, but it doesn’t have to mean that he won’t have comfortable shoes.  If he has odd sized feet (see tip 2) then buy a slightly bigger size and buy an insole, these are inexpensive and can be bought from most high street shops like Boots, and Superdrug.

So now you’ve got the fitting right, what shoes should you buy?

There are a range of different options, so I’ve put together a couple of recommendations for shoes that I think are great for different occasions, and some ideas of where you can buy these from and for how much so you should be able to find a pair you like at a great price.

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How to get him looking his best in some formal men’s dress shoes

Brogues are the classic men’s formal shoe, they are great on casual garments such as smart jeans, or go all out on a formal suit.  Either way, in black or tan, your boyfriend will look great in these affordable dress shoes.

Leather Derby Shoe – From H&M

Rubber soled and 100% leather, in a tan colour these are the perfect formal shoe which can be used for any occasion, and cheap at just £19.99!

This leather derby shoe is a great cheap mens formal shoe

Buy now from H&M

Oxford Brogue – From Next

These fantastic brogues are 100% leather, and in black.  They would again go great with any suit and are probably a more formal men’s shoe just because they are black.  Available from just £48.

this black oxford brogue is another fantastic formal shoe

Buy now from Next

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Take a look at our perfect classics which can be worn on any day out together

Classics are fantastic when you both want a day out together in town.  Perfect on virtually anything – they offer a comfortable choice of shoe which can be worn in any way.  Some styles can even be worn out in the evening if you both decide to hit the bar together.

Converse Star Player Trainers

Lace ups with a textile upper and the iconic chevron, these are the classic men’s casual shoe. Available from £45 at ASOS.

Converse navy trainers are perfect for a mens casual look

Buy now from ASOS

Adidas Gazelle OG

The classic brand with three stripes creates the ultimate casual men’s shoe.  Available in a range of colours including black, and blue.  Available from £49.99 at Amazon.

Gazelles are another great mens casual shoe

Buy now from Amazon

Great boots for the rugged outdoors and perfect also for the city

These boots are fantastic for those who don’t want to buy a formal men’s shoe as they can double up for this purpose.  These great boots can be worn on any occasion and on any style which makes them totally versatile.

Black 6 inch premium boots – from Timberland

A classic style from Timberland in all black colour, ideal on any outfit whether it’s jeans or formal trousers. From £160.

Timberland boots are fantastic on Jeans and casual trousers

Buy now from Schuh

Suede Dessert Boots – from H&M

Rubber soled and suede, these are perfect to wear on more casual clothes where you want something a little more formal, but not as formal as a men’s dress shoe.  From £39.99.

These rugged dessert boots are another great men's shoe

Buy now from H&M

So now we’ve covered off shoes in the second part of our guide to men’s fashion.  Join us again next week for part 3 of our series into men’s fashion where we’ll be talking about trousers.  I’ll tell you what works well depending on style and the look you are going for, and again I’ll show you the top tricks to finding the right pair of trousers at the right price.

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