3 Easy Summer Brunches


When it comes to food during the summer I prefer something quick. Lazy as I am in combination  with high temperatures and nice weather  I’m ready to be hungry all day just so I don’t have to move and be close to heat .

But browsing through Instagram I found some good-looking food and what is more important easy to make.


3 ingredient pancakes are big trend in bloggers world at the moment. And they look really photogenic. For this 3-ingredient recipe, you will need only banana, eggs, and 2 spoons of flour, Mix it all together and bake them like regular pancakes.  For 10 small pancakes you will need 2 eggs and 3 bananas . Serve them with strawberries and maple syrup.


I never knew that fried eggs can look that good until I found this recipe . For this you will need little bit more ingredients . You pan fry 2 eggs,spinach ,leek,paprika and then serve it with ricotta cheese and fresh bread


If you want something sweet but still healthy this creamy porridge  is something for you. You will need oats,coconut water,regular water and chia seeds. Mix it in a pot to boil,stirring frequently. When it becomes creamy remove it form heat and serve with blueberries and coconut.

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