Friday Favourites

Favourite Churros

Usually I recommend good place to eat here but even though Las Iguanas at Kingston has delicious food and amazing offer before 7pm-2 for 1 cocktails , after we tried churros we forgot about everything before that! Month ago we were in Barcelona so I was thinking those must have been the best churros,we are in Spain,no?

Well,we were wrong. If you order churros in Las Iguanas,chain of Latin American food you will get them served not just with chocolate but also with dulce de leche(sweetened milk slowly heated until changes colour and flavour.

If you didn’t try this amazing dessert you should



Favourite Blogger

It’s easy to see why I’m fascinated with her(how lovely is this outfit) .Not only does her blog reflect her love for all things feminine and lovely but also her love of travel and the world as she sees it.

Trust me when I say that her blog is something  beautiful!

So meet Jenny, the beauty and brains behind Margo and Me


Favourite Nails

Some new nail polish shades are in the house. I’m all about 50 shades of pink during the summer as you can see


Favourite Book

As I’m flying in exactly one week to Croatia for my holidays I was trying to find good book. Not that much for the beach because I’m too hot to read and I’m getting goosebumps if I touch paper with salty hand( weirdo 🙂 ),but because long trip to airport and flight .  I got this book just because  over 2000 good reviews on Amazon . It’s about Maud, an aging grandmother, who slowly losing her memory. Yet she refuses to forget her best friend Elizabeth, whom she is convinced is missing and in terrible danger.Book it’s already in my bag ready to depart 🙂


Favourite Getaway

While I’m writing this I’m wearing  jumper and I’ m under my blanket,enjoying London summer with pouring rain,floods everywhere and only 13 degrees 😦

So it’s not surprising that I’m spending Friday night dreaming about some beautiful warm places like Le Parc Ik Kil,natural swimming pool in Yucatan,Mexico.  The water temperature is 27 degrees so 14 more than London air temperature.Sigh…If you ever go there yo can stop by,it’s open for swimming and often included in bus tours


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