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Last birthday was definitely the best ever. I got a surprise ticket from my boyfriend that ended up to be Paris for 4 days! It’s definitely magical especially during Christmas and New Year but remember one thing- layers.

Paris is very cold during the winter, and I don’t mean London-like-cold. It’s cold everywhere, even at Metro stations and on the Metro trains there is no heating so you don’t have to worry about passing out on the train like you are most probably are during London rush hour.

On the first day ,we got lucky and we got sunny and pretty mild day so we decided to climb  up to the top of Sacré-Cœur. It’s “only” 300 steps once you actually get to the church. Before that there is almost 100 more. But we made it and the prize was priceless


I would recommend this to everyone because personally I think that it’s a much better view from here than from Eiffel Tower.

Also don’t miss  popular Laduree, one of the world’s best luxury bakery with the most delicious macaroons and Angelina, the place where you can try Paris’s best hot chocolate.

The queue will most likely be long so you better be prepared.



If you are into very delicious and expensive dinner head over to Kong, located on the last two floors of Kenzo office, in front of the Pont Neuf, this restaurant is in the sky with a view of the Seine. Halfway between Paris and Tokyo, you’ll be surrounded by Louis XV armchairs, plasma screens, a fluorescent staircase and a carpet of pebbles. Kong is very Parisian, luxurious and so yummy that the bill wasn’t a problem at the end.


Walking through Jardin des Tuileries can be really relaxing and even though it’s the middle of winter and there is no leaves on the trees, gardens are still pretty amazing. During the summer this place is crowded with people ,enjoying the flowers and sitting on the green chairs which can be found everywhere. This place is great for photographer because on one side you have Big Wheel and on the other is Louvre. One  tip if you want to visit the museum -use the secret entrance to avoid all that crowd at the main, pyramid entrance. You can get there straight from Metro Station or Portes des Liones entrance in the SW wing of the palace.


Latine Quarter is one of the loveliest places in Paris. It’s a place full of dreamers,thinkers and philosophers where you can see young students reading poetry or doing romantic walks across Paris’s oldest bridge Pont Neuf. Latine Quarter borders two small islands, The île Saint-Louis is a residential village with boutiques and places to eat, while île de la Cite is full of office buildings and iconic monuments like Notre Dame and Saint Chapelle.




Hotel Ville


I realised in Paris everything is more elegant, even Starbucks and H&M but you would never guess this is just Abercrombie and Fitch


Those more interested in culture shouldn’t miss Opera Garnier, opera house commissioned by Napoleon that looks stunning from inside and outside. With ornate marble staircases that lead you to the main theater with Chagall mural and bronze and crystal chandelier.


Even though it was very cold and windy we couldn’t miss to climb up Eiffel Tower and enjoy magnificent view.

While you are in Paris you’ll see Tour Eiffel from everywhere but make sure you see the tower in the evening when it sparkles. Sparkling is on every hour for 5 minutes  from night fall until 1am.


Pont Alexander III

Although  all the bridges that conect the right and the left banks of Paris are beautiful,the Pont Alexander is the most romantic. The bridge features are nouveau lamps, cherubs,nymphs and gilded statues.

Of course use one afternoon to walk along Champs Elysees, enter famouse designer shops(or Laduree again ) and reach Arc de Thriumph monument. You can even climb the Arc for another view of Paris.

Arc de triomphe

Even though I saw so many things in four days I feel I missed so much as well so I’ll be back next summer to explore more.


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