5 Beautiful Places to Visit in Croatia

I’m writing this from Croatia,it’s sunny every day,and hot,very hot…like 36 or more degrees 🙂 In UK that would be called heat wave with special reports in newspapers ,here is just summer.

I believe everyone heard about Croatia and beautiful coast and clear sea with more than 700 islands and even though I always wanted to live in London somehow I feel privileged because every summer I can go back to Croatia,to my hometown .

Croatia has so many beautiful places to visit,almost every island and town on the coast is worth visiting but I decided to choose just 5 that are absolute MUST!


Nicknamed Pearl of the Adriatic ,Dubrovnik with his historic old town is probably the most beautiful place to visit in the Mediterranean  .

The historic district, the Old Town, is stuffed with many historic features such as the old, defensive walls, cobblestone streets, magnificent palaces and stunning churches.

During the years Dubrovnik was favourite location of many celebrities but since famous tv show Game of Thrones decide to choose Dubrovnik for their Kings Landing  it gets even more popular.

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik




Located on Croatia’s northern Dalmatian Coast this 3 thousand years old city is ideal tourist gateway because there is plenty to see and do without too much crowd .

In the heart of city is historical district Old Town with some of of the city’s most popular sites like Roman Forum, the circular St. Donat’s Church, 12th century St. Anastasia Cathedral,  and the University of Zadar, which is one of the oldest in Europe.  Besides Old Town and of course many beautiful beaches there are two unique attractions -the Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation.

Sea organ allows  the sea to make music with waves and Sun salutation produces colourful light after whole day of apsorbing sun energy.

Where to Stay in Zadar

Aerial shot of Zadar old town, famous tourist attraction in Croatia.

croatia_dalmacija_zadar_0037Sun Salutation

Plitvice National Park

One of the most beautiful natural wonders in Croatia and all of Europe, the Plitvice National Park consists of several breathtaking lakes, waterfalls and  forest.

Significant feature is 16 interconnected lakes devoted into lower and upper groups with natural dams.

Besides lakes and waterfalls the park also offers diverse wildlife -many species of butterflies, birds and animals such a wolfs ,bears,wild cats…

Where to Stay in Plitvice Lakes



Croatian second largest city,nicknamed Mediterranean Flower, is knows by his beautiful historic centre with Gothic and Renaissance architecture with famous Diocletian’s Palace . The palace is built by Roman Emperor and it’s actually a maze of walkaways and buildings with shops and cafes surrounded by many other monuments  like St. Duje’s Cathedral, Jupiter’s Temple, Peristil Square and two original Egyptian sphinx monuments.

Where to Stay in Split




Beautiful Croatian island off the Dalmatian Coast, favored for its landscapes of spectacular beaches, lavender fields and vineyards.

Hvar Town is main city with 13th century walls,marble stone streets,Gothic palaces ,churches and old fortress.

Where to Stay in Hvar


Cityscape of Hvar in Croatia

2 thoughts on “5 Beautiful Places to Visit in Croatia

  1. I was there last month & simply fell in love with this amazing country! I missed Hvar from your list, but I made it to beautiful Pula, Rovinj, Motovun & Zagreb, all of which I would recommend đź‘Ť


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